Monday, April 2, 2012

EcoEgg Review

I recently won an EcoEgg Laundry Egg starter kit in a contest.   Here is the product’s page:

As I won the egg in a contest, I have not been asked to review it, but I am so excited about it I wanted to share it with my readers.

I entered the contest (and was excited to win it) because the majority of our household has skin sensitivity issues that are exacerbated by most laundry detergents.  Since we started moving around I have not been able to find a detergent that is comfortable for everyone’s skin.  And of course, it costs a fortune to test out different detergents because you basically need to buy a bottle of each one.   The EcoEgg does not use traditional chemical detergents and it has won awards for being “Allergy Friendly.”   Read the website if you are interested in the science behind how it works.

When the kit arrived, I have to admit I was skeptical – would this product get the laundry clean?  I am happy to report that it does – and sometimes better than traditional detergent.

I have done many loads of different types of laundry including:  linens; jeans; a filthy, snot-covered fleece; bloody sheets (after my son had a nosebleed); stuffed animals; kitchen clothes; jackets and jersey t-shirts.  Each load has been sparkling clean when it was finished and the stains (including  washed-in blood stains) came out with no extra treatment.  Our socks are even whiter than they were before.  And no-one is complaining about itchy skin!

I could not be more impressed with this product.  

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