Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Trike

A plastic toy has improved my life a great deal in the last week.  Here is a picture of it:

It's not a looker, but it does the trick!
It is a tricycle that Little Boy can sit on while I push him around.  It has some ingenious features:  if he places his feet on the pedals but does not correctly pedal, they just click through – no harm done; if he steers in the wrong direction, I can override him; there is a basket on the back for his “gear”; and the telescoping pole comes off if you ever want to use it as a “normal” trike.

I picked up this lovely item used for £4 (around $6 Cdn) at a rummage sale.  What a steal.  It is pink and faded, but Little Boy does not seem to care.  I’m thrilled because now when Big Boy wants to ride his bike, I finally have a parallel activity for “Little Boy” so I’m not just carrying him around or trying to distract him.

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