Sunday, January 29, 2012

Package Delivery Frustration

On November 2, a family member mailed 4 packages from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to us in Aberdeen.  Of the packages, 3 were sent via "normal" mail and 1 was registered. On December 8, we received the registered package.  It cost a shocking amount to send (just over $60) and it took over a month!  I could not believe how long it took and the expense.  The non-registered packages cost about $20 each to send and they arrived on December 9.

The world has become a small place for so many things but not for international packages!  When I order items from domestic Amazon sellers, I usually receive the item within a couple of days.  Domestic mail takes about 2 days, but, somehow Canada Post and the Royal Mail need over a month to deliver packages from Canada.

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  1. I have this problem when I order things from one of my favourite scrapbooking supply stores in the States, it takes a month and is sent via the 48 hour service-no chance have I ever recieved it in less than 3.5 weeks! x