Tuesday, October 6, 2015


We are just wrapping up a very busy weekend.  On Friday the boys had a half day at school so we had a rare treat - we went out for lunch with my husband.  We met him in Chick-fil-A and some of our friends also showed up.  What a fun, spontaneous, playdate.  It was my husband's first time in Chick-fil-A.  He was surprised about how busy it was an impressed by the service and cleanliness.

Saturday was jam packed.  I took the boys to the playground to hang out with friends early in the morning.  After that we rushed over to the Home Depot for their monthly kid's project.  All 3 of my boys made firetruck toys!  I think they are just great:

Unfortunately, during these 2 activities I developed a raging headache.  We ate lunch quickly at home and then I had a short nap.  After the nap, Big Boy and I rushed to the Arboretum for a kayaking class.  It was the same class we did last year and we loved it even more!  We spent about an hour paddling around one of the lily-pad covered ponds.  The weather was perfect - a bit cool but still sunny.   This class cured my headache!  Both Big Boy and I are in love with kayaking.  I wish I could figure out a way to go more often.

During the instruction part of the class, I saw a snake in the bushes.  The instructor looked at it and confirmed it was a ribbon snake.  Then she looked closer and saw it was trying to eat a frog.  She separated the frog and the snake and the frog hopped away.  Then she explained that normally she'd have let the snake eat the frog but the frogs make a terrible sound while dying and it goes on for a long time so she didn't want to have to listen to it for the whole class.  Ick ick ick!!!!!

We rushed home after the kayak class and hurried over to our friend's house for the evening.  My boys went for a swim in their heated pool and we had a pizza supper.  Not a bad day.

On Sunday morning we tried to go to the Zoo but we couldn't get parking!  In the afternoon we went to a birthday party for one of Little Boy's friends.  It was a nice afternoon and now we are relaxing.

Monday, October 5, 2015


My parents came to visit us the week before last and we did a lot of fun things!


They arrived on a Thursday and were treated to one of our whirlwind Thursday evenings.  We had to dash home from school, eat snack, complete homework, and change for tennis all in about 45 minutes.  Then we ran out the door and drove to tennis.

Then time seemed to stand still (as it always does) while we spent 2 hours waiting for the kids at their tennis lessons.  It was a beautiful evening and I think my parents had fun at the park with my boys.


On Friday my parents picked Baby Boy up from school and I had a rare opportunity....I went to school to have lunch with Little Boy.  We practiced standing in the cafeteria line and we each had a school meal.  Then we sat at a table with his friend and ate our lunches.

We went to see the bats fly out from under the Waugh Bridge on Friday evening.  Here is a link to the website for this phenomenon:  http://www.houstontx.gov/parks/batpage.html

Basically a short while after sunset about 1,500,000 (yes, that's 1.5 MILLION) bats fly out from under the bridge in a very large crowd.  It was nothing like what I thought it would be.  First of all, they didn't really make any noise.  Also, the bats are very small, and they seem to come out in swirling tornados - it is difficult to distinguish individual bats.

We went to the bridge far too early, if you go, I would recommend arriving slightly after sunset.


On Saturday our group went to the comic book store for "Batman Day".  We have a major Batman fan in our house and he was thrilled to meet Batman.

Saturday night, my husband and I had a rare night out.   Where did we go?  This could shock you....we went to the CCA Concert for Costal Conservation - headlined by Lynyrd Skynard at the Sam Houston Race Track.  We were invited through a corporate connection and before the concert we had a dinner in one of the Race Track boxes.  Then we made our way down to the middle of the race track where we watched the show.

We saw 3 acts - Eddie Money, Grand Funk Railroad, and Lynyrd Skynard.  We quickly figured out that this was not our usual crowd, but we had fun.  Just as an aside....to show how much this wasn't our crowd....they gave away guns in one of the raffles.  Like real GUNS.  Seriously.  I was shocked (and not shocked also).

I liked Eddie Money - he's old but he's clearly still having fun.   Grand Funk Railroad was not my taste at all, but I enjoyed "Locomotion"  (anyone remember the "Eskimotion"?  My husband claims he never heard it and I couldn't find anything on Youtube...).

Lynyrd Skynard was the best showman (is the name of the group or the man.....I have no idea).  He brought a lot of Southern pride out in the audience and made it clear that he doesn't share some of Neil Young's views about the South.


Sunday was our family day out.  We had breakfast with the grandfolk at Denny's (kid's choice), and then we went to the McGovern Centennial Gardens.  After a nice wander through the garden we made our way to the Children's Museum.  We finally had a good ration of adults:kids for this museum - 4 adults:3 kids.  That's the trick, more adults than children.

I finally managed some nice photos of the mount:

The Rest

We finished out the visit with some projects at home and with the kids spending relaxed time with the grandparents.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

O Columbia

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I attended the chamber opera, O Columbia, performed by Houston Grand Opera.  A chamber opera is very small and has only the most basic costumes, orchestra, and stage setting.

This opera was about the space shuttle Columbia disaster.  The stage was backed by a large sheet and shadow puppets enhanced the performance.  The costumes were black trousers and tops for all and the set consisted of a bed, a ladder, and various small props.

The opera was lovely!  The songs were thought provoking and interesting - it's rare that I hear an opera in English so it was a treat to not have to follow along with the subtitles.  The story of Columbia was woven into a larger theme about exploration and risk, and while I understood it, I was initially confused, as was my friend.

I'm glad we went to the show.  It was a unique opera and an interesting experience.  

Friday, October 2, 2015

Miss me?

I've missed you!

We had visitors for the last week or so...and now we are dealing with a household filled with icky illnesses.  

I want to tell you all about the fun things we have been doing, but I'm exhausted today.  I was up most of the night with a sick boy.  I'll be back soon....

Monday, September 21, 2015

Baseball and the Zoo

Last weekend, we weren't as busy as we tend to be on the weekends.  My husband took the older boys to a baseball game on Saturday night while I had a movie night with Baby Boy.  I thought Baby Boy would be jealous of the baseball game but he loved just chilling out with a bowl of popcorn and a terrible movie.  (Of course, he thought the movie was quite brilliant).

On Sunday morning we went to the zoo.  The morning was cool and Big Boy suggested we go see the lions because they are usually hot and dozy by the time the zoo opens on warmer mornings.  It was a great idea - they were active and playing a lion version of soccer.  It was interesting to watch.

Rainbow in fountain at Hermann Park

New baby giraffe at the zoo

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Yesterday, tragedy was all over the news.  Both here in Houston and near my home in Canada, horrible events unfolded involving children.  It it all so sad.  

Rest in peace, young ones.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Disney's The Little Mermaid by TUTS

On Sunday Little Boy and I had a very special outing - we saw the musical of Disney's The Little Mermaid.  This was Little Boy's first full-length stage show.

We went with friends, and Little Boy was so excited - we arrived early and he wanted to sit in the theatre for an extra half hour but instead we looked around the displays in the lobby.  When we did sit down, Little Boy got a kick out of looking for shooting stars on the Hobby Center ceiling.

The show was wonderful!  The costumes were beautiful and the performers moved as though they were swimming.  There were some special effects, which added to the show and did not distract from the plot line.

Little Boy was surprised at first.  I think he thought the show would look like the cartoon film.  He also thought Ariel's hair wasn't red enough.  He's probably right.

After a few minutes of confusion, he really got into the show.  He watched quietly and wasn't too wiggly with the exception of one song in the second half.  There are a few songs in the show that aren't in the movie - most of these songs serve to advance the plot line without extensive dialogue.  Little Boy thought one of these songs was boring.  He was right.

I noticed that Little Boy wasn't particularly interested in the dialogue portions but he loved all of the songs and dancing.  He tried to figure out how everything worked and he was impressed with the wires that the characters hung from to "swim" across the stage.

After the show we had dinner out with friends - another big treat.  After he ate his burger, Little Boy got tired - I think from all of the excitement.  It was perfect timing - the meal was over and we had a lovely afternoon.  I took him home and tucked him into bed.