Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Huntsville State Park Camping trip

Last weekend we took a camping trip to Huntsville State Park (, about a one hour drive from our house.  We were really lucky with the weather - it was hot but we only got a tiny bit of rain.

The campground is spacious and has many shade trees.  Our site faced onto the water and it is in a small cul de sac where the kids rode their bikes.  It is also near the bathrooms.

The bathrooms were interesting.  The facilities themselves are nice.  New, painted, and well made.  When we arrived they were basically clean and nice for a public shower/toilet setup.  Unfortunately people kept trashing them.  Literally.  I showered the boys one afternoon, and the showers were fine.   A couple hours later they were a complete mess!  Dirty diapers and rubbish all over the floor and dirty knickers in the shower.  The restrooms were strewn with used toilet paper and the sinks full of mud and hair.  

Over the weekend this happened again and again.  The park rangers would clean the restrooms and they would be nice.  Then a few hours later they were a complete mess.  And usually a disgusting mess.  I'm not sure what was going on with the campground patrons, but to me it was awful.

Aside from that, everything was wonderful.  We rented canoes and explored Lake Raven.  The kids played on the small beach, and the older boys went on an epic mountain biking trip with my husband.  All of the boys played on the playground.

When we had a brief period of light rain, we went out of the park to see the statue of Sam Houston.  It was massive!

We had a great time at this campground.... and Little Boy is begging to go camping again...but only to THIS campground!

Classic summer lake/beach scene.  There's even one of those platforms that you can swim to.

Too right!

Lake Raven

We saw a juvenile alligator.

He is so tall!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

First Day of School Interviews - Little Boy and Big Boy

Yesterday morning, a nervous Little Boy and a confident Big Boy started school for the year.  At the end of the day they both were happy and had a lot of fun in their new classes.  Both of the boys found old friends and started getting to know their new teachers.

Little Boy - First Day of Kindergarten (Dual Language)

1.  My favourite thing to play is:  Cars

2. My favourite colour is:  Orange

3.  My favourite book is:  Batman

4.  My favourite TV show is: Zou

5.  My favourite food is:  Pizza

6.  My favourite activity is:  Riding my Bike

7.  I really like:  Staying home and not going to school (he is laughing)

8.  I really don't like: School....and chicken  (laughing again)

9.  My favourite thing about myself is:  I am smart

10.  At school I am looking forward to:  Recess

11.  When I grow up, I want to be:  I don't know

Big Boy - First Day of Grade 4

1.  My favourite thing to play is:  Lego

2. My favourite colour is:  Green

3.  My favourite book is:  Harry Potter

4.  My favourite TV show is: Clone Wars

5.  My favourite food is:  Ramen

6.  My favourite activity is:  Reading

7.  I really like:  Playing board games

8.  I really don't like:  Onions

9.  My favourite thing about myself is:  I am smart

10.  At school I am looking forward to:  Meeting my friends

11.  When I grow up, I want to be:  An architect or an astronaut

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mini Ninja Class

Do you watch American Ninja Warrior?  My boys love it.  You can learn more about it here:

Nobody who knows my kids would be surprised that Little Boy is particularly interested in this show.  The competitors in the show attempt obstacles that look like playgrounds built for adults.  It is amazing to watch what they can do!

A few weeks ago a friend told me that here in Houston there is a gym that has obstacles set up like the ones on American Ninja Warrior and offers a class for kids to try them out.  I had to take my boys!  

Today we checked out a Mini Ninja Class at Iron Sports gym ( - their website says that they trained over 50 ninjas who competed on the show!

We met some friends and my 2 older boys attended a class together (but were in different age groups).  When we first walked into the gym, Big Boy tried to "beat the wall" and got up on his first attempt!  He was thrilled.

The groups were taken through obstacles like the ones on the show.  The boys excelled at some and were challenged by others.  They had a blast trying everything and when we left the gym they were very tired and sweaty!

First Day of School Interview - Baby Boy

Baby Boy - First Day of MDO

Today Baby Boy started school again!  Here is his back to school interview....

1.  My favourite thing to play is:  War Machine

2. My favourite colour is:  Black, Blue, and Orange

3.  My favourite book is:  Paw Patrol

4.  My favourite TV show is: Batman

5.  My favourite food is:  Spaghetti

6.  My favourite activity is:  Watching a Movie with Daddy

7.  I really like:  Batman

8.  I really don't like:  Fizzy Water

9.  My favourite thing about myself is:  How smart I am

10.  At school I am looking forward to:  Playing and eating my snack.

11.  When I grow up, I want to be:  Wolverine

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cuff Bracelet

This weekend I finished an ongoing project.  It's a cross stitched cuff bracelet.  It is from a (very inexpensive) kit but the kit didn't have instructions for the actual assembly so it was quite difficult.

Conceptually the bracelet is's a cross-stitched strip fastened to a backing and then beaded on the edges with an elastic and button closure.  It took a bit of figuring out but I got there in the end.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Exploration Park

Yesterday morning I thought my foot might be a little better after a visit to the doctor and new medicine the night before, so I decided on an ambitious plan - I took the boys to Exploration Park ( - there is no website for the park so I attached the "yelp" link).

At Exploration Park, the boys were immediately disappointed.  The bamboo forest and the large foam building blocks are gone.  The stepped hill was under construction.  There are a handful of new playthings but nothing that excited them.  They had fun playing with friends but were overall not pleased about how different the park was from when we first visited.

No more bamboo forest.

A panorama of the park.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Barbara Fish Daniel Nature Play Area

Yesterday I took the boys to the Barbara Fish Daniel Nature Play Area ( - you have to scroll down a bit).  My foot was feeling a bit dodgy and I didn't want to do any heavy walking so this playground seemed ideal.

We found parking immediately in the parking lot - I'm sure it's not this easy on the weekends but this morning it was pretty empty.  The skateboard park was closed for repairs so we went straight to the Nature Play Area.  We were the only people at the Nature Play Area for the first half hour or so.  It was kind of like a big, spread-out, playground interspersed with elements of nature.  

The boys had a great time on the slide that is built into a hill and climbing up the mesh.  There is a small creek for kids to play in that is filled with a well.  So basically you pump water from the well and it runs into the creek bed.  It was neat, but not enough water to be lots of fun.  I suspect if there were more people there and some water filled before we got there it would have been more fun.

There is a really nice picnic pavilion and a drinking fountain as well.  Washrooms are available outside the Nature Play Area at the building next to the skateboard park.

Overall I enjoyed this park and we will definitely go back.

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Music station

The creek