Monday, July 25, 2016

Tiny Pocket Tank.....sans tiny pocket

This is another sewing post....

I just finished a breezy tank for summer.  It is boxy-shaped and flowy.  The pattern I used is called the "Tiny Pocket Tank" by Grainline Studios.  The tiny pocket didn't appeal to me so I omitted the namesake element of the pattern.

The light fabric of this tank makes it great for the brutal Houston summer.  I actually wore it already and it's very comfortable.

For those who sew and are thinking of making this, I did a few adjustments to the pattern.  These adjustments were to make the top fit me better and are mostly personal to me, but for one....the neckline.  The neckline as drafted is EXTREMELY low.  I raised it 1.5 inches and I'd still consider it a fairly low scoop.  As drafted it would not provide me adequate coverage.  

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sewing Machine Cover

I just finished sewing one of the most boring projects I've ever done.....a sewing machine cover.  Dull, but something that I'll use all the time.  

I couldn't find a pattern that I liked because I really wanted to use pre-quilted fabric and bias tape.  So I made it up as I went along, and I'm pleased with the result.  The fabric is quilted and has a cute contrasting fabric on the back.  I used the back fabric on the side panels.   The cover is reversible if I ever wanted to do that.

Now I have a bit of fabric left over and I'm not sure what else I could make!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Kusama - At the End of the Universe

On Friday I took my boys to see Kusama - At the End of the Universe at MFAH.  We have been excited about this exhibit for months and for the last couple of weeks my boys have been sneaking a peek into the exhibit every time we walked past it.

The exhibit consists of 2 immersion rooms (one with tentacles and one with a series of lights in absolute darkness); a few paintings (I think 5); and a statue.  We had pre-booked timed tickets for the experience and the line up for the immersion rooms was very short.

I went with a friend and her 2 boys and the children were (collectively) very well behaved.  In the immersion rooms we had so much to look at! It's hard to describe the experience of being in the rooms - it is a bit confusing with changing colours and mirrors and lights. It was a great exhibit for the kids and I enjoyed it as well.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

McGovern Centennial Gardens, Houston

I think McGovern Centennial Gardens is one of the prettiest places in Houston.  On a very hot day about a week ago I went there for a picnic in the stifling humidity.  Despite the heat, the garden was beautiful.

Houston Zoo - Dinosaurs

Last weekend we went to the new Dinosaurs exhibit at the Houston Zoo.  Even though we are zoo members we had to pay an additional cost for the tickets to this exhibit - just under $4 per person.

The exhibit consists of dinosaur models that are very large.  Some of them make limited movements and sounds.  It wasn't particularly scary.

The kids had fun looking at the dinosaurs and various exhibits, even though it was very hot.

The dinosaur exhibit has some spectacular blossoms.

While we were at the zoo, the handlers fed the gorillas ice pops!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Bag! Noodlehead #529

I've just finished sewing a new bag....and I really love it!  The pattern I used was Noodlehead #529, "Runaround Bag".

This project was my first time doing a lot of different things: inserting a magnetic snap; making a reinforced pocket; adding bias tape; and lining a bag.  It took a long time to sew because of all the new concepts!  I had a lot of fun with it and I'd like to make another from the same pattern.

I tried to take a few photos.  As you can imagine it's difficult taking pictures of the inside of a bag - I used the flash and that seemed to help.

Interior pocket

Friday, June 3, 2016

MFAH (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston)

On Friday I took my boys to a class at MFAH and I decided that while we were there, instead of wandering from gallery to gallery, I would try to explore the educational services at the museum.  

The class was wonderful.  The teacher read a story and there was a short lesson relating to the story.  Then they completed two related art projects.  The story and the lesson were about clay.  The first project was a pinch pots and that project familiarized the kids with the feel of the clay.  The second project was an elaborate, pained clay horse in the style of the horses on the clay vases in the lesson.

Near the end of the class, the teacher took all of the children to see the pieces of art in the story and lesson.  Even Baby Boy easily put it all together and Little Boy really engaged with all of it.  Big Boy pretended he was "too cool" for the class but secretly enjoyed it.

After all of that intense learning, we retired to the Museum Cafe for $1 ice creams (for the boys) and a cappuccino (for me).  Lovely!

We crossed into a different part of the museum and went to the eduction centre where we did an art project and a very lovely staff member walked me through all of the family programmes for the summer.  Next time we go to the museum our first stop will be the education centre!

We looked around at a couple more exhibits and then left the museum - nearly 2 hours later than I had anticipated!

It was lots of fun and I'm hoping for more visits over the summer.