Friday, May 29, 2015


Both Big Boy and Little Boy won awards at school this last week.

Big Boy earned an award for being the top reader in his grade (a really large trophy) and a medal for having honours all year long.  He also received a citizenship award.

Little Boy's awards were for being a great leader and for good handwriting.

Last Day of School Interview - Little Boy

Last Day of School Interview - Little Boy

Today we had our "last" last day of school for the year.  Little Boy finished PK3!

Little  Boy - Finished PK3

1.  I am 3 feet and 6 inches tall and I weigh 43 pounds.

2.  My favourite thing to play is:  Trains

3.  My favourite colour is:  Orange

4.  My favourite book is:  Tales of a Forth Grade Nothing

5.  My favourite TV show is: Big Hero 6

6.  My favourite food is:  Pizza

7.  My favourite activity is:  Outside time

8.  I really like:  Trains

9.  I really don't like:  Peas

10.  My favourite thing about myself is:  That I can talk and hear

11.  At school I enjoyed:  Being with my teacher

12.  When I grow up, I want to:  Be an Engineer

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last Day of School Interview - Big Boy

Last Day of School Interview - Big Boy

Today Big Boy passed grade 2...he is now officially in Grade 3! He is growing up so fast!

Big  Boy - Finished Grade Two

1.  I am 4 feet and 3.5 inches tall and I weigh 58 pounds.

2.  My favourite thing to play is:  Lego

3.  My favourite colour is:  Green

4.  My favourite book is:  Percy Jackson

5.  My favourite TV show is: Spiderman

6.  My favourite food is:  Pizza

7.  My favourite activity is:  Reading

8.  I really like:  My friends

9.  I really don't like:  Salad

10.  My favourite thing about myself is:  My hands, because I can draw

11.  At school I enjoyed:  Reading time

12.  When I grow up, I want to:  An engineer

Weekend - Zoo Visit (new gorilla exhibit); Discovery Green; Flooding Flooding Flooding

As most people know, we had some massive storms here in Houston/Southern Texas this past weekend.  The storms left parts of the city ruined from flood damage, tornado damage, wind damage, lightening strike damage, and forms of damage that I have no idea about.  There were flash floods that trapped people in their vehicles, and vehicles abandoned all over the place due to high water and dangerous driving conditions.  Some people were trapped at a basketball game.  People have died and people are missing.

A state of emergency was declared in Houston and I had one notification after another on my mobile warning me about flash floods, tornados, and storms in our area.  A state of disaster was declared for our county (Harris), and I understand from the media that this triggers federal funding for disaster relief once the uninsured damage reaches a certain monetary threshold.

Alligators have washed up into Houston and are being found reported in unlikely places, like a building parking garage.  Heroes are helping people and animals to safety everywhere and "professional heroes" like policemen, firemen, and EMTs are helping everywhere.  Villains are taking advantage of the situation by doing things like breaking into homes during the storm.

Scary stuff.

Our house is on high ground compared to the streets immediately surrounding us, so we did not flood.  The road in front of our house and the park across from it did flood.  We have been unscathed by the storm with the exception of a long power outage.  

Schools were closed on Tuesday in the aftermath of the biggest storm and we took a short drive to do errands and also check out some of the flood damage.  There were abandoned cars everywhere....when we look down into the underpasses of the freeway they looked like toy cars just chucked next to the freeway walls haphazardly.  We looked at the flood waters and walked down the closed Memorial Drive (normally a large artery).

Prior to the storm we enjoyed our long weekend with a couple of outings and by swimming at the neighbourhood pool (pools opened this weekend).  To lighten the mood, here are some pictures of our fun outings followed by a flooding picture.  There are plenty of pictures of the floods all over the Internet so I've only included one here.


Last weekend we took a trip to the zoo to see the new gorilla exhibit.  It is absolutely stunning.  It's one of those exhibits where it seems like a natural outdoor setting without barriers, but when you look closely you can see clever tricks to keep the animals separated, like cliffs and densely packed trees with hidden fences.

I still have no camera so I took pictures on my phone.  Unfortunately I was so taken with a few things we saw prior to the gorillas that I ran out of memory when we got to the gorillas themselves!  Next time I will take outdoor pictures of their habitat and post them.

Discovery Green

Monday was a holiday (Memorial Day) but everyone woke up early in our house.  We took advantage of our early risers by heading out to Discovery Green, a park located in Downtown Houston.  The children like the playground at Discovery Green but it is usually too busy to be safe.  On Monday we were so early that we were the only people using the playground!

Unfortunately on Sunday there was an event at Discovery Green and on Monday morning there were piles of trash everywhere.  Completely disgusting.  Why can't people just use the bin??  Is it so difficult to throw your garbage away?  The small pieces of grass in the park were full of litter.

Litter Bugs!

This is the Discovery Green playground.  I've never seen one quite like it...

This is my flooding picture.  Photo credit goes to my hubby.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wilderness Update

About a week after we first spotted the mystery egg in the creek near our house (photo here: we went back...the egg is gone!  See the picture below...something interesting must have hatched!  Hope it wasn't a gator.

On the same walk, we also saw a snake.  The kids got excited about the snake and a lady picked up the snake and it bit her!  She wasn't worried because it is not a venomous snake.  I couldn't believe she picked it up!  The kids also spoiled a couple's romantic conversation on a nearby bench with their shouting...apparently the girl wasn't into snakes!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


We have had some really wicked storms here in Houston lately.  Last week, one of the trees at Little Boy's school was struck by lightening!  Can you see how it made a "lightening shaped" mark on the tree?

Friday, May 22, 2015


It's been raining very hard every day lately.  There have been floods and tornados in this area.  This has lead to some interesting wildlife sightings in the park near our house.  There are shore birds fishing on the lawns and this weekend I saw a bullfrog as large as a square kleenex box!  I also saw some newly hatched baby turtles swimming around.

When we were leaving from our friends' house this weekend, we saw this cute little frog.

Big Boy found this very large egg when we were hunting for turtles in the stream.
It's in a nest.  I wonder what will hatch out of it?